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Grape Picking in Italy | ITT

When is the right time for going grape picking in Italy?

Seasonal tip🍇 – Autumn in Italy

Grape Picking in Italy | ITT

Weather in September in Italy

September is grape picking season in Italy. In this season the weather is usually warm and lovely. It is not as hot as July or August, but you can hang around in a T-shirt and short pants as long as the sun is up. The average temperature is around 25°C (77°F) during the day and a little colder during night (perfect for a good sleep). Days are still quite long; sun rises around 6.30 in the morning, and settles around 19.30 (wich means 7.30 pm. We do not use the Am/Pm system in Italy and days are 24 hours long). The sun is a little “lower” than during summer and in you get an amazing light for pictures during most hours of the day.

Picking Grapes in Italy | ITT

The Vendemmia

The day/days spent picking are called “vendemmia”and are such an important moment for the families involved in the picking. In a few days they have to pick all the grape they’ve worked for all year long.
Here we are picking Pecorino grapes on the hills in the Fermo area.
Picking grapes is such a beautiful and peaceful experience. I’d suggest to everybody who loves nature to give it a try. It’s a perfect occasion to spend a day in the nature, surrounded by silence. But the best part of the day, is when the job is done and you can eventually enjoy a good glass of wine (or two).

You just need to be in Italy on the beginning of September (which is a lovely month to visit the country) and find a vineyard wich could use some help.

Andrea (a grape picker male name in Italy)


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