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Homemade aperitivo

What is APERITIVO? (Yes, it is one more occasion for eating!)

If we do a research of the most common SMS sent in Italy, the result will be: “ Ciao! Ci vediamo per un APERITIVO?”.

A fresh glass of white wine on the seashore

Namely: “Hi would you like to meet up for an Aperitivo?”. Aperitivo is a social event, it means meeting up with friends, colleagues or lovers and enjoy a preview of your dinner. It can be at any time between 6 pm and 8 pm and it takes place in a bar or at the restaurant chosen for dinner.

We love so much eating and drinking that we start eating and drinking before going for dinner!

Usually, we’d a mild alcoholic drink or a glass of wine combined with salty appetizers, cured meat and cheese board. Different from “Aperitivo” is the HAPPY HOUR, born in the north of Italy and turned into a substitute for your dinner: you go to a bar or a pub and consume a quick meal, ready to head to the club for a night out.






A traditional spritz with a view on the lake at sunset

The common alcoholic drinks are sparkling wine, Campari, Prosecco, beer, Martini or, last but not least, Spritz, King of the Aperitivo in the last few years. The origin of Spritz are to be dated back to the Austrian Army time, when soldiers used to mix up wine and sparkling water. So the first recipe was 1/3 of wine, 1/3 of sparkling water and 1/3 of a bitter. However, today Aperol has set a new very common recipe: 6 cl of Prosecco, 4 cl of Aperol and a splash of soda or sparkling water. Served with a stem glass and a slide of orange.

Homemade Aperitivo

A traditional homemade aperitivo with products from Le Marche

Aperitivo is very nice during spring and summer because it happens at sunset and it is perfect if consumed on a terrace on the sea or on a beach. Plus you don’t need to go to some Bar for the aperitivo. Get in a supermarket, grab a few olives, grissini (long crunchy piece of salty bread), cheese and ham, and a good bottle of wine, and you are ready to have your Aperitivo wherever you want (in Italy it’s absolutely normal to drink alcohol on the street).
Have you had the perfect Aperitivo in Italy?
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In the meantime…CIN CIN*!!

*which means “cheers” and should be pronounced as chin-chin, but loudly and happily 🙂



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