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Strange Italian Habits you should understand before your business trip to Italy – Part One

Every country has its own weird habits nobody else will understand. In this part 1 we will discover three weird Italian habits about food.

Ready? Here we go:

1- No tap water:

Italian restaurants never serve tap water. It is common of use for Italians to drink bottled water. Bottled water in Italy is very easy to buy and quite cheap. If you’re sitting at a restaurant do not ask for tap water or the waiter will be confused. Just cope with the fact that you’re drinking better quality water. 

Average cost of water bottles:

½ liter water bottle at the supermarket: between 0,20€ and 0,60€

½ liter water bottle at the Bar (which means Cafeteria): between 1€ and 1,50€ 

½ liter water bottle at the Bar in the City center (for example in Piazza Duomo in Milan): may vary a lot, but it will be quite expensive (2€ to 5€)

1 liter water bottle at the restaurant: 2€ to 5€ depending on the quality of the restaurant, its location and the water brand. 

Nevertheless, in many parts of Italy tap water is still pure and of good quality, sometimes it comes directly from the mountains or a nearby spring. So, if you don’t want to buy plastic water bottles bring your own bottle and ask the hotel staff if the water is drinkable. 

2- Sweet sweet sweet breakfast:

The typical Italian breakfast: cappuccino and croissant

It is very rare to meet an Italian who eats ham, bacon or eggs for breakfast. This is a habit which is increasingly growing nowadays, but it is not very common in the countryside. 

The typical Italian breakfast is Coffee (espresso) and a croissant, or milk and Cereals, or Yogurt and fruit, or bread with jam or Nutella, or biscuits dipped in milk.  

3- If you ask for a coffe it means Espresso

Single espresso is what we mean for coffee

In Italian culture there’s no other coffee but Espresso. Only hotels and a few modern cafeterias serve American Coffee. 

This is what you can order in every Italian Bar:

Caffè – it is the espresso coffee

Caffè Macchiato – espresso with a bit of hot milk and foam on top

Caffè Macchiato Freddo – espresso with a bit of cold milk in it

Cappuccino – doesn’t need any presentation

Latte macchiato – a tall glass of warm milk with a cup of coffee poured in it

Caffè al vetro – espresso in a small glass cup

Coffee will always be served in a porcelain cup (small for espresso and Caffè macchiato and little bigger for Cappuccino). Latte macchiato will be served in a tall glass.

So these are the first three weird Italian habits you should understand before traveling to Italy.

We will soon discover more. 

Have you been on a trip in Italy and discovered a weird habit you could not understand? Write in the comments below and we will try to find an answer. 

Also write in the comments if your country has a weird habit and you want to know if it happens in Italy as well. 

But most of all, share the weirdest Italian habits with your friends and help them travel easier in Italy by clicking here. 

Three more Italian Weird Habits are coming in part 2. Keep in touch!

Andrea (Yes it is a male name in Italy)


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