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Eating tip: Osteria Le Cornacchie, Petritoli, Marche

Italian traditions on the table

The entrance of Osteria Le Cornacchie

In the heart of the old medieval town of Petritoli (pretty famous overseas for being the perfect wedding location) there’s one of my favorites Osteria in Italy. Osterie are like taverns, where you can eat incredible food (especially if you are in Italy!), enjoy a traditional atmosphere and pay a reasonable price.

The long shared tables in the tavern

The setting of Osteria Le Cornacchie is quite unique. There are only long tables where you sit together with other guests and share many different courses. If you are not a fan of surprises, this may not be the place for you: there is no menu and you cannot choose what you’re going to eat. You just have to sit at the table and taste what Sergio cooked for the day.

There’s plenty of food to eat, so do not rush on the Salumi and formaggi (cheese and cold cuts) and be patient. The Polenta with ribs is a must and you do not want to miss it.

The price is super fair (25€) for the whole meal. The experience is amazing (when we went there were people from all around Italy). The atmosphere is very friendly and the Host is funny and very welcoming (unless you are late. If you are late he gets pretty angry)

This osteria and the small town of Petritoli are worth a quick trip (2h and half from Rome).  Also a longer trip (2 or 3 days) to visit other places in Le marche is a good idea.

The view from Osteria Le Cornacchie

If you liked this tavern, see you soon at Le Cornacchie!

Andrea (a male name in Italy)


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