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Cerreto di Montegiorgio: a tiny castle in a tiny village

Once upon a time, there was a tiny village, the smallest in the whole Fermo county: the town’s name is Cerreto di Montegiorgio. 

Cerreto di Montegiorgio is located in the middle of the countryside near Fermo. We visited this tiny medieval town a little while ago and we were so astonished that we decided to write about it. Unlike many other medieval towns, the historical centre of Cerreto developed not on the top of a mountain but on the side of a valley. This way, the buildings served as an extra defense for the castle. 

Up to the 1970s the town was considered a ghost town. Everything changed in 1981, when the poet and writer Joyce Lussu visited the village and fell in love with its charm and character. The passionate artist managed to convince some friends to buy a house in Cerreto di Montegiorgio and to adopt a lifestyle away from chaos, in contact with nature and simplicity. Nowadays the marvellous place that is Cerreto is still there, proud in its humility, to tell its story.

On our tour we were lucky enough to have Emanuele, a great and passionate guide (don’t worry, we’ll leave you all the details of the agency below), to explain us everything about the town, its history and traditions.

The reasons to visit this tiny village are many, so here’s a few to keep in mind: 

  1. The beautiful castle: tiny as the village, the castle’s history dates back to 1102. Nowadays, you can enjoy a walk through the castle gate that opens at the foot of the settlement, leading the visitor into the only village street. Going up from the gate, one climbs to the upper part, where the most important buildings, now disappeared, stood. 
  2. Beautiful gardens that over time succeeded the medieval walls.
  3. A monumental oak trees park that give the name to the town. In italian, in fact, the particular type of oaks found in this area are in fact called “cerro”.
  4. The tiny “Anfiteatro del Cerro”, a beautiful small open air theatre made with oak trees.

Need any further reasons to visit Cerreto?

Contact Emanuele Luciani from Galee Sibilline: we assure you’ll experience the real medieval scent of Le Marche.


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