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Bread is a must when traveling in Italy

Food tip 🍞

Since I’m born in Italy, for me it is completely natural to eat bread during every single meal of my life. I really do not know why we (Italians) are so obsessed with bread, even more than with Pizza (we do not eat Pizza at every meal) or Pasta (we usually eat pasta once a day).

For breakfast we have bread with jam.

For lunch we have bread with everything we eat.

For Merenda (a mid afternoon meal) we have bread with Nutella, or Jam, or Ham, or Salame

For dinner we have bread with meat, vegetables, eggs etc. etc.

In every little town there’s at least a bakery, and everywhere you go you’ll find a different kind of bread. My favorite kind of Italian bread is Pane di Altamura (Bread from Altamura) wich is a beautiful wheel of bread with a soft airy inside and a strong crust on the outside.

Another bread I like is the kind you find in Emilia Romagna (Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma) wich is pretty unusual but perfect with Mortadella and Prosciutto.

At the restaurant you should always be served with bread before the beginning of the meal and it should be for free (the cost of the bread is covered by the “coperto” a fixed fee that you pay every time you seat at the restaurant). And if you finish your bread do not be shy and ask for more. It is free and it is absolutely normal to order more and more bread.

Where did you eat your favorite bread? Do you eat a lot of bread in your country?

Andrea (a male name in Italy)


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