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A hidden gem in the heart of Italy: Le Marche

Right in the middle of italy on the opposite side of Florence and Rome there’s a pretty undiscovered Hill’s Paradise: a region named Le Marche

Leaving the sandy coast and heading to the Appennini (small old mountains) you will find kilometers of nice, round, soft, green and golden hills. Roads are nice and easy to run with a bike, a Vespa, a motorbike or a car


On top of many hills you can find small medieval town where you can get a taste of delicius food and real Italian Lifestyle. Le Marche are still pretty rural and undiscovered by tourists. This makes them a must for travellers looking for a real experience🔭

The landscape reminds of Tuscany and Umbria. The food is delicious and healthy with a lot of old women still coocking as they would do 50 years ago 🍝


Marche are easy to reach from Rome by bus or car (3 hours), from Bologna (2 hours by train or car) and from Florence (3.30 hours by car, bus or train). You can reach Le Marche by airplane (Aeroporto Raffaello Sanzio) , train (there are so many train station on the coast line and you can get your ticket online here), car or motorcycle, boat (Ancona is one of the biggest harbour in the area) or bus (Flixbus is a big European company that reaches almost every destination around at very cheap fares) . Car is the best way to explore, get lost in the curvy hills at sunset and to move from mountain to the sea in less than 1 hour.

I love this area and i know it pretty well. Write me in DM if you want to plan a stop by in this area🙌.
Andrea (a male name in Le Marche)


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